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Want to join the lab?

Thanks for your interest—The Visual Learning Lab @ UCSD is launching in July 2024! 

For in-depth information, see our lab webpage at

If you're applying to graduate school for the first time -- new applications will be considered in Dec 2024.
Here are some general resources for applying to graduate school.
Here is general information on applying graduate school in UCSD Psychology.

Don't miss the option to submit a fee waiver if you qualify.

This Twitter thread also rounds up lots of useful resources for prospective applicants. 

What will your lab study?

My lab will focus on understanding how we learn to derive meaning from what we see.  This work sits at the intersection between vision science, developmental psychology, and machine learning, and I welcome mentees with interests in any of these areas! The lab will primarily focus on behavioral studies with infants and children and use computational models as both tools for analyzing large, naturalistic datasets as well as testbeds for modeling early learning.  


What are some specific areas/projects the lab will work on?

Below are two diagrams that will give you a sense of the goals and approaches that the lab will take, and some ongoing and future directions in my three main research areas (learning environment, learning mechanisms, and representation). Always open to ideas from new mentees! 


Are you taking students/postdocs for 2024-2025?

Yes! Graduate student applications for this year have closed, but I am hiring a postdoc with some expertise in machine learning/computer vision. I will also be hiring a full-time RA/lab manager, which is an ideal position for someone to gain research experience after their undergraduate degree and before applying to graduate school. Formal postdoc/RA applications will be posted in the fall/winter, respectively. 


If you are a potential postdoc, please feel free to get in touch with a description of your research interests and your CV. I am not taking meetings with potential graduate students, though I look forward to seeing your materials!


Where can I learn more?

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